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pocket and took two bills, a ten and a five.   " Here," he said,
" here, you take this and clear out.  Now."

Trevelyan only looked at the money, his face unchanging.

" You clear out. Far as it'll take you. You write me where
you are. I'll let you know when to come back." Mr. Minm's
voice sank lower, hurrying, while he thrust the money toward
the big man, almost touching the sweat-stained blue cloth of
his shirt "I'll see your crop's cut and fired. Like I did
before. I'll-----"

" Hit ain't worth a toot," Trevelyan said.

" 111 see it taken care of."  He thrust the money forward.

Trevelyan was shaking his head, slowly. "Naw, hit ain't
worth a toot. Let hit rot in the field, fer all of me. But I
ain't a-leave-en. Ain't no man gonna run me outer no

"You fooll" Mr. Munn crumpled the money in his hand.
His voice rose. " You fool, you clear out. Now. You don't

Trevelyan unhurriedly spat, then looked away. "I was
aimen to git out," he said. "I was aimen to git me that
money from that bastud and git out. Oklahoma, and git me
a start. They say a man kin git a start." He finished, paus-
ing almost as though in reminiscence.

"Now!" Mr. Munn insisted.

" Naw, not now. Ain't no man a-tellen me to git out. No
man. Not even you, nor no mortal man."

"It's no favour to me," Mr. Munn said bitterly, "your
going. I ought to let come what will come. I haven't got
any claim on you. It's you got a claim on me. Because I
was fool enough to pull your neck out of the rope once."

" I never ast you," Trevelyan retorted.

"Your wife did."

" I never ast you and I never knowed when she done hit
You done hit because you wanted to. I never ast no man fer
nuthen. Not since I was born. You done hit because you

"I damn well wish I hadn't," Mr. Munn declared.